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Macro Photography Workshops

It's a whole new world up close...

Date TBA - 8hrs | Pricing: $299

8 students max.


Workshop Overview

  • Dates: (summer classes to be announced - Follow us on social media or join our email list to get announcements )
  • Location: Golden, Colorado (10 miles from Denver) Google map link
  • Time: TBA

It is difficult these days to produce a truly unique image. It seems that anything and everything you capture with your camera has already been done a thousand times on photography websites worldwide. Enter the world of Macro Photography. Regardless of where you live there are thousands of amazing AND UNIQUE images to capture only yards from your door. It's an entirely new world when you're up close. Even items that you've seen every day of your life become alien to your eyes when you get your camera close enough.

One of the barriers to photography for most people is time and distance. Macro photography allows you explore a whole world of amazing photography right in your backyard or inside your home.  It can be done anytime of year in any weather and offers opportunities to truly flex your artistic muscles.  It's not just about getting close.

Important Note: This class will focus on in-doors table top macro photography rather than "in the field" type macro photography.  Less time will be spent on problem solving "in the field" (often an issue for outdoor photography) and more time working on technical aspects of shooting macro (example: focus stacking, subject prepping, lighting and working with difficult object like jewelry).   If you really want to focus on outdoor macro (example flowers or insects), then I recommend joining the "Wildflower Workshop" where you will learn more "out of doors" macro techniques.

So join me in exploring this lesser known area of photography and you may just find that spending a day in your living room can be more fun than you imagined.

Topics include:

  • Understanding macro techniques
  • Depth of field extremes
  • Prepping macro subjects
  • Macro lighting techniques
  • Focus stacking
  • Working with jewelry
  • Creative fun with macro
  • Home made macro tools
  • Macro equipment overviews
  • and more...


  • My macro photography instruction assumes you have a working knowledge of your camera's functions and understand the basics of exposure and depth of field.
  • A macro lens OR strong telephoto lens OR extension tubes OR lens reversal adapter (call if you need more information).
  • A tripod.



Your Instructor


My goal is always to teach WHY a technique works, not just HOW it's done. This is the fundamental difference between Big Sun training and most other photo courses who teach only by route. By learning the reasons behind the practice, you are able to move forward on your own, breaking away from the mundane and expanding your creativity.

 As with any service you should research what/whom you are investing in to ensure the right fit.

I encourage you to review my own work before signing up for any photography class.

Gene Tewksbury
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