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Lightroom 3 Printing Module

So now you have Adobe Lightroom and it's time to print out your new artwork.   Hmmmm, what is all this stuff in here?  There's a lot in the print module to figure out.  Well here's my notes on the subject which should clear up most of your questions.  This outline will not cover every single option in the Adobe Lightroom Print Module. Some stuff should just be self explainatory. But if there is any question about what a feature might be used for, I'll try and fit it in.

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Moving Lightroom catalogs from laptop to desktop and back

So this questions buzzes around in forums and blogs all the time.  How do I move my lightroom catalog from my laptop to my desktop (and then back again)?  The reality is there are many ways to go about it.  Some are "proper" and others are "jerry rigged".  But there are some pros and cons to each and some things to watch out for.  Read on to find the best way to avoid fatal mistakes.

Many people try and move their Lightroom catalogs back and forth between computers by actually copying and pasting files.  While this can work, it is prone to many issues and for the most part is more difficult anyway.  So how should we make the transfer?

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Free Lightroom Keyword Library Download

Hey folks!  I'm happy to bring you what I hope is a well received gift.   My personal Lightroom Keyword Library in Adobe Lightroom 3.x format.  So why would you want this you may ask?  Well, maybe you don't, but if you've put much effort toward creating a hierarchical keyword list in Lightroom including synonyms, then you'll know how very time consuming this can be.  To give you an idea, I've been working on this one for two years (estimated 200  hours)  and it's still very much a work in progress.  In it's current state it has over 6,000 categories, keywords and synonyms.

You may not find my particular style of organization to be your favorite,  In fact I'm betting you'll think it's a little odd.  But that is irrelevant as you can easily reorganize my hierarchal system to something which works for you.  Where you are really benefiting from my work is in the extensive list of keywords (and synonyms) which I'm providing.  This allows you to add one keyword and get almost every other keyword you need (for example type in "flamingo" and you'll also get "bird, birds, flamingos, feathers, wing, animals, wildlife and pink")

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My goal is always to teach WHY a technique works, not just HOW it's done. This is the fundamental difference between Big Sun training and most other photo courses who teach only by route. By learning the reasons behind the practice, you are able to move forward on your own, breaking away from the mundane and expanding your creativity.

 As with any service you should research what/whom you are investing in to ensure the right fit.

I encourage you to review my own work before signing up for any photography class.

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