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Denver Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom Lessons

Photography Tutoring in Denver

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Denver Photography Lessons & Workshops

A little training goes a long way...

You may choose from any of the "pre designed" courses OR we can customize your class to focus on whatever skill set you need to improve.

Questions and comments are encouraged through the entire class. I try to effectively convey the "how and why" of photography, not just "click by numbers" approach.  In other words, I want you to know why a technique works so that you can apply that technique beyond the examples from class.  
"Teach a man to fish…. "   right? 

I look forward to helping you reach your artistic goals. If you would like to evaluate my work, please visit GeneTewksbury.com 


Private Photography Lessons

Beginner Photography

    • Learn the foundations of photography so that you can take better photos and more easily continue your learning through other sources.
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Better Composition

    • Composition is the foundation of good photography.  You can take a technically perfect photograph (not so hard with today's cameras), with amazing details, stellar contrast, rich dynamic range and color…. and still the image is not worth a hill of beans without good composition.  It's not interesting, it's not engaging and nobody likes it.  On the other hand, one can take a photograph full of grain, terrible light, lack of detail and yet it's lovely.  It captures the imagination.  It pulls the viewer in and takes them on a journey.  How can this be?  It's the power of Composition!
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Macro Photography

    • Macro photography is not only a fun and inventive area of photography, but it's a way to open your eyes to entirely new worlds.  You will be shocked at how much beauty and "cool" is hanging out in your back yard, or even in your own apartment.
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HDR Photography

    • Learning how to create images with High Dynamic Range techniques allows you to see the world in a new and unique ways.  It also allows you to capture images that you never thought possible (and would not be possible without HDR).
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Night Photography

    • Taking photos at night can open a whole new world to your photographic arsenal.  The world looks different, feels different and allows for photo opportunities that simply don't exist during the daylight hours.
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Flower Photography

    • This class will enlighten you to quick easy techniques which will improve your flower and macro photography results in just one day.  
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Creating a Better Portfolio

    • By the end of this class we will have decided your best options and set you on the path to displaying and/or selling your photography online.
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Equipment Guide

    • Looking to purchase a new camera, lens, flashes etc?  It's a lot of money to invest and most people go in blind with only some internet reviews and a sales person to help.  Get proper guidance before you invest.
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Home Studio

    • Learn what equipment you need, how to build your own studio setup and techniques to improve results in a home studio.
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Your Instructor


My goal is always to teach WHY a technique works, not just HOW it's done. This is the fundamental difference between Big Sun training and most other photo courses who teach only by route. By learning the reasons behind the practice, you are able to move forward on your own, breaking away from the mundane and expanding your creativity.

 As with any service you should research what/whom you are investing in to ensure the right fit.

I encourage you to review my own work before signing up for any photography class.

Gene Tewksbury
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